Natalie Putnam

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer at Openforce, Natalie Putnam is charged with accelerating the company’s growth through new customer acquisition. A results-oriented executive with over 30 years of experience in logistics, Natalie is acutely tuned in to the market and is instrumental in developing and communicating growth strategies with Openforce’s executive leadership team.  

Natalie understands the challenges of operating a trucking fleet in the logistics industry and specifically as an independent contractor in the final mile environment. Her marketing experience and leadership of large sales teams create the unique combination of skills best suited to address the rapidly growing logistics contracting market.

One of Natalie’s passions is helping companies evolve using technology, especially to enable the freedom and productivity of contractor workforce models. She serves on the advisory board of AWESOME, a women’s logistics and supply chain leadership organization, and is a board member and advisor to ALAN (American Logistics Aid Network). 

Prior to joining Openforce, Natalie was most recently the CEO of DeliveryCircle, a technology company and final mile provider. She also served as VP of Marketing Strategy at Ryder, VP of Sales & Marketing at KC Southern Railroad, Chief Commercial Officer at Verst Logistics and SVP of Sales at YRC Freight.  

Natalie’s focused service areas include: 

  • Executive leadership  
  • Marketing strategy  
  • Aligning sales and marketing processes
  • Creating sales architecture
  • Enterprise client relationship management
  • Large scale sales leadership