Susan Silberisen

Chief Operating Officer

A transformational executive with an entrepreneurial spirit, Susan Silberisen is not content with quick fixes that merely stop the bleeding. Beyond her talent for solving immediate problems fast and getting returns right away, she masterminds company reinventions across the entire spectrum of business. Her solutions safeguard the company, leaving the organization and its people firmly grounded for sustainable growth well into the future.

Along with revitalizing ailing organizations through game-changing turnarounds, Susan is known as an innovator and has three previous entrepreneurial successes under her belt. Her mission with creation and transformation is to bring strength and progressive career growth to each individual employee. She feels responsible for the long-term security of the people at her companies and is proud to have mentored and guided many to progress in their careers to senior leadership roles.

Prior to joining Openforce, Susan spent the last three decades as COO, CIO and CTO in technology companies and most recently was the Oracle NetSuite ERP Executive at Eide Bailly. She attended Texas State University and continues her personal and professional growth through participating in business and other industry-based courses at Harvard Business School.

Susan’s focused service areas include:

  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Information technology organizational design
  • Business model canvas
  • Human-centered design
  • Logistics & supply chain operational improvement
  • Mergers & acquisition strategy
  • Business model generation
  • Business to IT assessments
  • HIPAA and information security readiness
  • IT talent management (HR & design)
  • Strategic innovation assessment