A Blue Elite Visa Prepaid Card lets you enjoy all the benefits of direct deposit, without having to maintain a traditional bank account. With the Blue Elite Visa Prepaid Card, getting your settlement on the card is just one feature. There is a lot more you can get with your card.

Openforce offers the Blue Elite Visa Prepaid Card as a reliable and convenient way to access your settlement without needing a traditional bank account.

The Blue Elite Visa Prepaid Card offers:

  • Safe and reliable delivery of your settlement funds automatically on a card for immediate access
  • Many ways to access funds
  • Funds protected by Visa Zero Liability if your card is lost or stolen
  • Convenient ways to pay bills and make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted—online, in person, or by phone.
  • Ability to have all your money in one place—including your tax refund, benefits payments, and other sources of income
  • Control how you spend your money