DriverCare allows for unprecedented flexibility and creativity in addressing the spiraling cost of healthcare, while also providing comprehensive insurance options for independent contractors and professional drivers. A DriverCare Membership combines access to the best-in-class associations with a suite of guaranteed-issue supplemental health insurance products.

DriverCare offers an exclusive menu of products that are available to you at guaranteed issue amounts and can be conveniently deducted from your monthly settlement check.

We know the business and the unique and complex needs of the 1099 drivers. The benefits and services we provide make an immediate impact on our member’s bottom line.

The products we make available are packaged as an exclusive offering that allows members access to plans that would otherwise not be available.


  • Life Insurance
    Affordable term life insurance that makes sense during your working years and is available at a level premium to age 100! The first $150,000 of coverage is guaranteed-issue Rates vary by age, coverage level selected, and tobacco usage. No blood work or medical exams. A 44-year-old could purchase $150,000 in Term to age 100 for only $26.85!
  • Disability Insurance
    Financial protection in the event you are unable to work for a short period of time due to off-the-job injury or illness. A 49-year-old could purchase a policy providing $2000/month in coverage for $80.00 a month. Up to $3,000 in Guaranteed Issue Disability coverage is now available, call to learn more
  • Accident insurance
    This accident plan helps offset unexpected medical expenses that can result from a covered accident. Covers Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, and much more! Starting at less than $15.00 a month!
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    Prepare yourself financially for the added costs of battling a critical illness, the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. This plan provides a lump sum benefit payment of up to $30,000 when you or a loved one is initially diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, paralysis, burns, end-stage renal failure, or invasive cancer. Purchase $15,000 in coverage today for less than $30 a month! Or go as high as $30,000 with no health questions!
  • Dental Insurance
    We pride ourselves in promoting healthy oral hygiene and giving our members access to one the largest network of dental providers available with over 268,000 dentists nationwide. A-Rated dental insurance. We believe everyone deserves affordable quality dental care and now you can have it.
  • Hospitalization Plan
    Three plan options that provide up-front coverage for many everyday medical expenses (doctor visits, prescriptions, and more) with no deductibles. Individual rates starting at $83.00 a month!
  • Vision Insurance
    We believe everyone deserves affordable quality vision care and now you can have it. Our Vision Insurance Plan connects you with one of the most comprehensive vision care networks in the country.
  • Cancer Insurance
    Cancer insurance pays cash benefits for cancer to help with the costs associated with treatments and expenses as they happen. Our Cancer coverage can help provide added financial support when it is needed most
  • Virtual Care
    An affordable, ACA qualified, innovative healthcare plan that provides preventive care, vaccinations, and wellness services covered at 100%. Doctor visits and telemedicine visits included!