Through Openforce’s independent contractor management (ICM®) platform, an available source of drivers are ready to step up when you need them. Before spending additional time and money to find new drivers, complement traditional recruiting methods by first reaching out to your existing drivers. These owner operators may have additional capacity you’re not aware of, and many with aspirations to expand their team and business. It’s a true win-win for both the contracting company and owner operator.

Break the driver shortage cycle

  • No need for enrollments: Drivers are already contracted, so they’re ready for immediate dispatch. Also, dealing with known entities comes with less risk for the contracting company.
  • Reduce overall costs: No more ongoing staffing or ad fees. As you need drivers, let existing owner operators raise their hands to pick up deliveries and get on the road fast!

Whether you’re managing seasonality, unexpected peaks or expanding into a new territory, ICM Splash alerts can help fill those driver seats. We just need the following details for your customized communication:

  • Company location(s)
  • How long you’d like to run the splash alert
  • Owner-operator requirements, such as vehicle type, to help identify the right contractors for your needs
  • Rate of pay (if you’d like to share upfront)

Don’t let finding drivers be your problem. Use ICM Splash alerts to help owner operators maximize capacity while fulfilling your urgent delivery needs. In fact, Openforce clients are already seeing results using this smart, no-cost tactic to reach existing drivers.

Splash alerts are a convenient and effective way to notify your carriers of travel team opportunities. We are exploring ways to use them for other business needs.

– Steve Whalen, General Manager

How do I get started?

New to Openforce? We build and deliver flexible solutions that address the HR and compliance needs of independent contracting, including:

  • Finding qualified drivers
  • Fully mobile and automated onboarding
  • Settlement solutions
  • Insurance products
  • Member Benefits and retention

Contact us to learn more and build your customized solution.

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