Tens of thousands of courier and last-mile drivers perform deliveries across this country every day, many of them with little or no formal training or education. It happens daily. Couriers walk out of clinics with specimen bags bundled and clasped with their bare hands. Last-mile delivery teams accidentally scratch the flooring while setting up a new living room or installing a refrigerator.

There are best practices in every instance to help ensure the safe and proper delivery of items. Yet, some retailers, laboratories and freight forwarders use certain companies because they are the most cost effective. However, there is an underlying potential cost, which is the risk involved in the improper handling of goods and a lasting negative impression on your brand.

What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a number of things if independent contractors do not have the proper training and are unaware of best practices. Recognizing that the handling, installation and delivery of merchandise into the customer’s home or specimen to a laboratory is the last opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction also magnifies the importance of independent delivery professionals that are properly trained.

Companies who are concerned about the high quality performance of independent contractors often ask, “Can I give an independent contractor a training course or manual?” The answer is “No.” This is a very dangerous high risk practice that can jeopardize their IC status. So who is informing and training the independent drivers you rely on with the proper knowledge to help ensure a smooth delivery from start to finish?

Member benefit spotlight: training in medical delivery

To help fill this gap for both contracting companies and independent contractors, Openforce offers an array of resources for its members, including the most comprehensive medical training programs.

For the discounted Openforce member rate of $41.00, regularly priced at $89.95 for non-members, contractors will have access to live, interactive webinars covering the basics of medical courier training, blood borne pathogen awareness, and best practices with OSHA compliance, including:

  • Medical definitions
  • Hepatitis ABCs and prevention
  • In-depth, courier-specific perspective on HIPAA (patient confidentiality)
  • Specimen transportation guidelines and specimen integrity
  • Biohazard awareness test
  • OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogen awareness
  • Understanding the difference between Category A, Category B and Exempt specimens

IC benefits & easy settlement deductions

Find out how you can provide the best possible medical courier service in your area through Openforce’s Member Benefits and increase your influence in the medical community. Independent contractors can access this exclusive benefit in your IC Portal. Once completed, contractors will receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating a higher level of training and compliance to medical courier delivery standards. Additionally, Openforce members receiving settlements through IC Pay can take advantage of paying for these services through settlement deductions.

At Openforce, we understand the independent contracting model and the competitive advantage our products bring to quickly onboard, verify and pay independent contractors on a single platform. In fact, Openforce customer experience a 30 percent decrease in contractor turnover when compared with the industry average in transportation.

Contact us to today to see how you can simplify everything IC and help ICs stay contracted with highly personalized tools, education and benefits available 24/7.

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