Project Description


Paul Muratore

Board Member

Paul has spent 30 years in the advertising, media, and entertainment worlds. His experience spans consulting, software development and implementation, business affairs, and organizational leadership. His clients range from the Fortune 500 to the world’s largest ad agencies and their networks, to creative start-ups, and the myriad of production specialists. He collaborates with passion and a focus on results.

Paul collaborates with clients with a focus in two primary areas:

  • Investor strategic advice and counsel, ranging from identifying investment opportunities, evaluating potential acquisition targets, being part of the management presentation and due diligence process, and serving on Company boards.
  • CEO and owner/founder strategic consulting for company leaders looking to materially reposition their brand, prepare for material growth in all its forms. This arena is all about creating and communicating a compelling vision, developing and executing on key strategies, and delivering on results consistently.

In 2016, Paul founded Connections. Their mission is to work in partnership with youth, families, organizations, and volunteers to curate long-lasting, supportive mentoring relationships that improve self-worth for young adults with past, current, or peripheral contact with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems in New York City or Westchester County.