Project Description


Rob Slack

Industry Relations Executive

Rob started in the delivery business in 1968 as a helper on his big brother’s delivery route. Big brothers being what they are, made Rob do most of the work! In 1974 he became the delivery driver and in 1976, from his dorm room at Siena College, Rob started his 1st courier company L.E.D.F.O.O.T Express (Light Express Deliveries for Operating On Time). In 1980 Rob served as the Transportation Manager for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. 14 years later his 17 office, 700 driver courier operation went public on the NY Stock Exchange along with several industry friends as US Delivery. In 1996 Rob invested in a startup, SCI. In 1999 Rob became the Senior VP of NextJet out of Dallas, TX, and left in 2001 to become active with SCI, serving as President and COO for over 16 years.

Rob is a 25+ year board member of the MCAA/CLDA and served as President from 2006-2008. He is the recipient of the CLDA Distinguished Service Award and was inducted into the Courier Hall of Fame in 2002.