Project Description


Steve Swedler

Vice President of Product Solutions

Steve boasts over two decades of expertise in the software and technology sphere, strengthening Openforce’s standing as the premier 1099 workforce solution provider. His dedication to high-growth and transformative software solutions covers every facet of the software development lifecycle and spans multiple management tiers. This extensive background equips him with a well-rounded, strategic, and forward-thinking approach that keeps Openforce ahead in the industry.

Being an inherent problem-solver, Steve joined Openforce following a series of accomplishments, including spearheading product initiatives that culminated in the successful acquisition of his previous company and multiple effective product launches as the Director of Product for an innovative start-up incubator. With a sharp focus on pragmatic solutions, he consistently delivers high-impact results that maximize stakeholder success and propel product growth, further solidifying Openforce’s robust software infrastructure.