Clients are the lifeblood of our company. From our executive team to our staff of 20 in customer support and professional services, every department takes personal responsibility to help our clients achieve their goals. As part of our commitment to ensure a quality experience for all customers, we’ve created a Client Success Advisor (CSA) role.

What will the CSA do? Simply stated, they are here to help clients get maximum value for their investment in our services and products. Whether you are a new customer or one who has been here for a decade or more, we want to ensure that we stay current with your business needs.

So let us introduce Brooke Reed, recently promoted from our front-line support team to the CSA Role. She’s a two-time Employee of the Quarter, a three-time Employee of the Month, and awarded Lead Customer Support Rep since joining the company. In her front-line support role, she’s been supporting product, business operations, and other IC-related needs.

Now, as our CSA, Brooke will serve as the central point of communication and problem-solving. As part of her arsenal, Brooke is equipped with other tools used across our organization such as Freshdesk, a single-ticketing platform providing the best solution to manage our customer queries in the most efficient way possible, and Client Heartbeat, a powerful survey tool built for measuring customer satisfaction.

We’ve made these investments to streamline support, to gauge satisfaction, and to improve communications for all. In practice, she’s prepared to take ownership of your needs and works with all relevant Openforce experts in support, professional services, and product to get you the answers you need. Further, every Openforce client will receive a needs-based analysis to receive ongoing education on the value, features, and benefits of Openforce solutions. We want to ensure that we know what you need and how your business is progressing.

Meet Brooke Reed

Brooke initially started her career at Openforce as part of the Customer Service Rep team and rose to the team lead. She quickly became a power user of Openforce’s platforms and has deep product knowledge from both the Client Admin and IC perspective. This expertise combined with her exceptional level of customer service led to the evolution of the Client Success Advisor role.

“Client Success isn’t a buzzword at Openforce ‒ it’s an entire shift in business that helps create constructive and rewarding relationships with our clients, and allows us to take a hard look at what we’re doing for them. Every interaction brings a new opportunity to learn and improve. And our biggest advantage is that we’re able to provide clients with the support they need to succeed at any point in their business.”

-Brooke Reed, Client Success Advisor

Services you can expect from the Client Success Advisor:

  • Post-implementation assistance to transition from deployment to production
  • Identify, research, communicate and ensure resolution for client requests
  • Phone, email, and online support with upgrade assistance, all managed by our Freshdesk trouble-ticketing system
  • Managing client requests to change or add to their current Openforce solution
  • Share resources including enrollment webinars, product briefs, new releases, and best practices
  • Regular check-ins to measure effective system performance and product usage

Your investment in Openforce solutions is about more than our exceptional technology. You’ve entrusted us to help you achieve winning outcomes so you can deliver a better service to your customers.

About Openforce

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