PHOENIX, AZ – January 6, 2022 – Openforce, the leading software platform for managing commercial relationships between contracting companies and their 1099 independent contractor (IC) workforce, today announced that Rhonda Weston has joined the company as Vice President of Insurtech Sales. Ms. Weston will lead sales of Openforce’s new Insurtech product, IC Insure, as well as deliver solutions to customers through the Openforce insurance partner network.

The introduction of IC Insure uses Openforce’s powerful, end-to-end technology platform that simplifies and streamlines the insurance administration process, giving insurance brokers and agents one platform from which to manage insurance needs through their entire lifecycle.

Ms. Weston comes to Openforce with over 24 years of insurance experience, beginning her career underwriting occupational accident, non-trucking liability, and physical damage insurance. She has spent the past 17 years in business development at Focus Solutions, also known as CBA, delivering insurtech solutions to transportation industry customers. At CBA, Ms. Weston delivered a technology program called Contractors Benefits Administration (CBA), specifically designed for motor carriers, insurance agencies and companies. During this time, Ms. Weston implemented insurtech services for over 500 transportation companies.

“Insurance is one of the primary expenses in any business. With inflation on the rise, keeping these policies affordable is necessary for companies to recruit and retain professional independent contractors,” said Ms. Weston. “We need to go beyond obtaining competitive rates for transportation businesses and individual drivers. Driver safety and education is a crucial component of affordable insurance. Openforce provides the technology tools for these businesses to make reporting easier, and they offer safety education for drivers. The recently launched Openforce IC Insure product represents a best-of-breed step forward in technology. I’m proud to be a part of Openforce’s vision in supporting transportation and gig economy companies and their independent contractors who work hard to keep the economy moving forward.”

“We are thrilled to have Rhonda join our leadership team,” said Wendy Greenland, CEO of Openforce. “Openforce has built a new technology in the 1099 space partnering with insurance companies and already has a marquee list of customers. With Rhonda’s extensive transportation insurance experience, industry expertise, and leadership skills, she has the proven track record needed to scale our new Insurtech offering.”

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Openforce® is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate compliance risk for companies using independent contractors. Openforce frees contracting companies from the burden of onboarding, contracting, and settlement processing while helping independent contractors build their business. Our cloud-based applications help businesses achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational and compliance barriers to getting business done. Openforce is a portfolio company of Boston-based private equity firm Riverside Partners. Learn more at

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About Openforce

Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate risk for companies using independent contractors. Our cloud-based applications help companies and contractors alike achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational, and compliance barriers to getting business done.

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