Openforce’s newly released Carrier Management module is perfect for contracting companies that work with carrier or freight agent companies to handle deliveries of their customer’s cargo. The module is part of the Openforce IC Onboard solution and allows contracting companies to enroll freight agents or carriers as business entities without requiring private individual information.

Features and Benefits

Quick Business Entity Enrollments

The freight agent’s TIN will be validated by Openforce for the contracting company to review and approve.

Once approved, the agent can immediately start onboarding contractors under their business profile.

Maintain Visibility and Compliance

The contracting company has the option to manage ongoing compliance or grant the freight agent user-specific access to manage the required compliance activity directly. This provides the ideal solution to enable structured workflows with added flexibility to address state- or agent-specific requirements.

Set Workflows with Mobile Enrollments

The contracting company sets the standard. Once set, automated enrollment workflows make it easy for freight agents to know exactly what pieces of information and documents are required for contractor onboarding. And with our full mobile enrollment experience with e-signature verification, contractors can enroll anytime, anywhere from their smartphone.

Optimal Business Separation

By empowering the freight agent to manage compliance, the contracting company still maintains visibility. And transferring the responsibility of contractor enrollment to the agent—where it should be—establishes optimal business separation between the contracting company and its freight agents.

How do I enable this module?

Openforce clients may simply reach out to your Account Manager or contact to activate this valuable feature and start adding freight agents today.

If you’re new to Openforce or IC Onboard, and would like to learn more about:

  • Dramatically simplifying your enrollment process
  • Fast contractor onboards with mobile enrollments
  • Replacing the constant churn of paperwork and contractors
  • Improving retention with helpful Member Benefits designed for contractors

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