ID badges are critical to organizations of every size as they provide the foundation for each facility’s access and security. They are especially necessary for businesses that use independent contractors, such as contract drivers, where schedules change and evolve. Their visual identification becomes essential to display at all times in case their role or identity is questioned.

In our ongoing conversations with clients, we’ve confirmed that more transportation and logistics companies are using on-location physical badging to identify contractors at the docks. To help speed and simplify this process, Openforce’s IC Onboard offers a new feature that collects the IC Profile Picture during the contractor’s enrollment. This feature, combined with our expanding Contractor API, makes it possible for clients to directly print the ID badge from their in-house badging software.

How does it work?

Instead of taking photos and printing physical badges onsite, ICs may upload this information directly in IC Onboard during enrollment.

  1. Clients select the location(s) where this requirement is needed.
  2. IC Profile Picture feature is included in those workflows.
  3. ICs follow enrollment steps to upload a profile picture to their profile.
  4. Upon completed enrollment, ICs will see their profile picture located in the Profile tab.
  5. Openforce’s Contractor API allows clients to make a GET request to digitally receive the URL for the IC Profile Picture.
  6. Client prints ID badge on location.

For contractors enrolling via mobile devices, the upload feature functions in the same way it does today for other document uploads. Most smartphones will prompt ICs to either navigate to document or photo storage to upload an existing file. If the contractor doesn’t have a photo on file, they may also open the phone camera to take a new picture and upload.

Clients have the option to include or exclude the IC Profile Picture feature in their workflows. Furthermore, Openforce’s team of hands-on Project Managers are ready to assist clients that would like to include this new feature to address their location-specific needs.

Contractor API endpoints

The Contractor API allows you to GET contractor data and configure sync updates on your terms and at your desired frequency. Shared data endpoints include:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email Address
  4. Mailing Address
  5. Phone Numbers
  6. Profile / Badge Photo
  7. DOT Number
  8. Motor Carrier Number
  9. IC Business Name
  10. Contracted Date
  11. Openforce IC Identifier
  12. Contractor Identifier

Integrating with Openforce’s API services enables clients to achieve the data connectivity they need to more effectively manage independent contractors. Clients interested in activating the IC Profile Picture feature should reach out to their Project Managers or email

If you’re new to Openforce and would like to learn more about this feature and other Openforce API endpoints to contractor profile, settlement and disbursement data, learn more at the link below.

Get Started with our Quick API Services Guide.

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