The proportion of independent workers, freelancers and contractors is growing—and so is the competition and demand for their services. Some of the perks that help attract and retain independent contractors (ICs) are surprisingly simple.

Contractors are looking for more than good pay. They’re looking for benefits. But without an employer to gather and deliver these benefits, it can be difficult to find them, particularly ones that are geared for independent contractors.

The Challenge: How do contracting companies offer ICs benefits while avoiding the dangers that could lead to their being classified as full-time employees?

That’s where Openforce comes in. Our vision is Work Without Limits, and we remove this obstacle for both ICs and contracting companies with our built-in Member Benefits platform. These tangible benefits help independent contractors, regardless of where they are in building their business, access all types of IC-focused products and services to succeed as independent businesses.

Whether it’s establishing a business entity, understanding new tax regulations, training and certifications, or accessing deep retail discounts, our Member Benefits program offers the much needed support that contracting companies are unable to provide to help attract and retain ICs.

A few of our member benefits affiliates

27/7 Mobile access & instant alerts

Openforce recently released a number of exciting updates for Member Benefits including a dramatically improved IC Portal view and seamless mobile experience.

These tools and resources are ones ICs will definitely want to have on hand. From curated directories to business and insurance services to protect their businesses, these resources provide the much-needed layer of support to help keep ICs going strong into 2018 and beyond. 

We’re also in the process of finalizing a number new offers, so keep an eye out for:

  • Deep discounts on cellular plans
  • Over 350,000 products across all healthcare needs
  • Innovative settlement advance program*

*available only to members receiving settlements with Openforce’s IC Pay

For more information on Member Benefits or inquiries on how to get added to our constellation of benefits accessed by hundreds of contractors daily,
contact us today or call 800-742-7508.

About Openforce

Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate risk for companies using independent contractors. Our cloud-based applications help companies and contractors alike achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational, and compliance barriers to getting business done.