Openforce has released two new APIs that puts real-time IC Pay data in the hands of contracting company and vendors. These helpful APIs give developers access to detailed settlement commissions and deductions data from the most advanced and easily integrated IC payment platform.

Processing over $1.5 billion in settlements annually, IC Pay helps contracting companies outsource payment processing for independent contractors to deliver secure, accurate and on-time settlements. Unlike generic payment platforms designed for full-time employees, IC Pay offers useful features empowering ICs to review and submit invoices, establish vendor payments, download 1099s and receive settlement text alerts. And, IC Pay’s features and benefits will only continue to grow with the availability of these new API integration endpoints.

Settlement commissions & deductions endpoints

Integrate Openforce’s settlement commissions and deductions API endpoints into your various systems that can benefit from real-time contractor pay details, to include:

  • Contractor ID
  • Settlement ID
  • Service Provided On
  • Commission Type ID
  • Deduction Type ID
  • Amount

This means no more manual processes and having the ability to pull a list of contractor endpoints into your in-house or third-party systems for real-time data availability. And with our Deduction API, partners and vendors may integrate directly into the settlement stream. This provides the ability to seamlessly collect payment for products and services provided anywhere along the onboarding process—like background screens or establishing a business entity—and for purchases are made through Openforce’s Member Benefits program including settlement advances with ZayZoon or Equinox’s tax services.

Get connected with our settlement APIs

For partners and vendors interested in learning how to integrate Openforce data into your IC environments, we’re here to help you integrate.

Contact to get setup with API sandbox credentials. Our API documentation is also available at

About Openforce

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