Independent contractor (IC) enrollment: a better experience

This year, we’ve set a specific focus on the IC enrollment experience. It started with a full mobile-first facelift of the application released in June, and continued with an evaluation of every single step an IC takes in order to get contracted. Just this past month, we identified and refined areas that continued to stall and block contractors from completing their enrollment.

Some of these improvements include:

  1. Pre-populating form fields based on information the IC provided earlier in the enrollment.

  1. Faster way to set calendar dates for DOB and document expirations on mobile devices.

  1. More intuitive experience for IC rate negotiation.

  1. All new login screen that allows users to sign in from any device, while also allowing new contractors to simply toggle to the right to create an account in 5 easy steps.

Get started with easy enrollment instructions

Fast IC onboarding all starts with the enrollment instructions. And we felt it was time to overhaul and simplify this step too! Now, the enrollment instructions that you generate from within ICM® contain a GET STARTED button – front and center – that takes ICs directly into an enrollment upon login, without having to manually enter the activation code. We’ve also condensed the instructions to fit all on one convenient single page for those that print them off and hand them to ICs.

Document load times – every second counts

Digital document management sits at the foundation of IC compliance management. And with load times a major contributing factor to an improved user experience, we’ve made strides to quicken the load times for displaying both digital documents and document types within Openforce’s independent contractor management (ICM®) platform. Clients and independent contractors should see noticeably faster document load times into the future.

If you’d like to discuss ways to optimize your Openforce solution or would like to get started with an end-to-end 1099 management platform to onboard, verify, pay and retain contractors, schedule a call with us to learn more—and receive a complimentary risk and compliance evaluation.


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