Over the past few years, APIs (application programming interfaces), technical protocols that enable software applications to interact with each other easily, are transforming how companies share data. API-based integrations save money and time, eliminate errors, and dramatically improve B2B and B2C operations. Exchanging data through APIs helps bridge different data sources and applications into an easy-to-use interface. And it’s become a necessity for any technology platform to be API-driven to keep your business current and responsive to the changing landscape.

That’s why Openforce has embraced APIs as our preferred integration approach—and as the leading platform provider for independent contractors (ICs) with over 350,000 owner-operators properly contracted, insured and paid—APIs provide Openforce with the key data-sharing link among the hundreds of applications and systems used by our customers and partners.

The beauty of an API-based strategy is that it isn’t tied to a specific user interface, operating system or device. And with changes to operating systems and hardware that are beyond our control, having a defined API foundation makes it easier to develop and in a much more agile way. With a modern API integration platform in place, Openforce is now enabling clients and partners to achieve the connectivity they need and added business benefits while minimizing obstacles.

Administrative Benefits
To help alleviate administrative bloat and unnecessary overhead, APIs allow machines to handle the workload, which would otherwise require the manual work of a human. This can be as simple as having one content update transmit to multiple sections of a system at once.

Efficiency Gains with Automation
Providing API access allows for content to be created once and automatically made available to many systems. APIs allow Openforce to connect more directly with its customers and partners, getting all players out of their silos.

Integrations for User Engagement
APIs allow content to be more easily embedded throughout the Openforce platform to ensure a smooth and integrated user experience—and present relevant and up-to-date information for various users. Openforce data is delivered wherever it can be useful to them, not just in those fields or instances where the content source lies.

Now available: contractor API with IC profile data

Integrate Openforce’s Contractor API endpoint into your various systems that require the most current IC data. The API provides IC profile information for data syncs with the contracting company, partner and vendor systems.
Some of the shared data endpoints include:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email Address
  4. Mailing Address
  5. Phone Numbers
  6. Profile / Badge Photo
  7. DOT Number
  8. Motor Carrier Number
  9. IC Business Name
  10. Contracted Date
  11. Openforce IC Identifier
  12. Contractor Identifier

Let’s take a look at transportation and logistics, where access to fast and accurate information across the independent contractor management lifecycle can mean the difference between making on-time deliveries with qualified drivers and, well, not.

Openforce API-Based IC Platform – Transportation & Logistics

For contracting companies, this can create an ideal solution to sync the latest IC data into dispatch systems to help reduce risk on overrides. In addition to ditching spreadsheets and eliminating manual driver profile entries—when pulling directly from the data source—contracting companies have peace of mind knowing that they’re working with the most up-to-date information to ensure drivers are qualified to provide services.

Benefits are hardly limited to contracting companies. Instant access and sharing of IC profile information for insurance partners, background screening providers and other risk monitoring partners, adds tremendous benefits such as a more complete and enhanced user experience that removes friction throughout the entire IC management process.

Get connected with our contractor API

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