Getting ICs through complex enrollments quickly has major consequences for your business. So as part of ongoing improvements to make onboarding your ICs efficient and hassle-free, we’ve launched some brand new features that bring additional functionality to Openforce enrollments and make the whole process more user-friendly for you and your ICs.

Faster IC enrollments with Driver’s License barcode scanning

We understand collecting critical information from contractors during onboarding is key to ensuring they are validated, qualified and insured to do their work. With that, comes lots of data entry along the way, and typos or missing information is a common hurdle.
That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to scan a driver’s license (DL) barcode to help populate information during IC enrollments. Openforce’s ID scan feature enables effortless scanning of all driver’s licenses containing a PDF417 barcode, meaning DLs in all states in the US, Canada and many countries in Latin America are supported.
Contractors are now presented with the ability to scan their DL barcode from their mobile phone just before the personal information page as an option to bypass manually keying in cumbersome data.

Add videos to your enrollment workflow

Do you require ICs to watch training and safety videos before they do work for you? Ditch the DVDs and training rooms and bring that digital content into your Openforce enrollment.

Video content can be one of the most efficient ways to train new ICs, both in terms of cost and engagement. Studies have shown that videos keep your trainees more engaged, help them retain more information and make onboarding a smoother experience.
Now you can get all the benefits of training videos by adding them right into your enrollment. Enrolling ICs can access them on the go on any device and Openforce will automatically track when they’ve been viewed. Whether you add one video or many to your workflow, you can require ICs to watch them from beginning to end in order to finish enrolling (no fast forwarding!).
This gives you an easy way to ensure critical training is completed, while making it as quick and painless as possible for your ICs.

Check enrollment progress and get applicants unstuck

Sometimes independent contractors get stuck during an enrollment. Now in the Enrollment Grid, client admins can use the View Enrollment link below an IC’s name to easily see any in-progress enrollment.

You’ll see exactly what the IC sees, including the information they’ve already entered and the steps they still need to complete. So, whether you want to help a stalled IC or just check on their progress, you can get all the information you need in seconds.

A new negotiations dashboard makes taking action a breeze

We’ve added a Negotiations dashboard right above your enrollment grid to make it easy to view and tackle all of your outstanding negotiation to-dos in one convenient place.
Best of all, you can now prepare your negotiation fields as soon as an independent contractor begins their enrollment—no more having to wait until they actually reach the negotiation stage. This means you can avoid unnecessary stalls and get your ICs to work faster.

A streamlined Generate Enrollment Instructions menu

We’ve redesigned the Generate Enrollment Instructions and Export dropdowns to minimize visual clutter while keeping all the functionality you use reduced to a single click. Now when you click on the Generate Enrollment Instructions button a handy pop-up will appear so you can select the city and the enrollment package.

We’ve also combined the enrollment grid Export options, so when you want to export data, all your options (field data, PDF, and CSV) are available in the sleek new Export dropdown.

An easier way for enrolling contractors to choose how to get paid

Our new update makes it easier and more intuitive for your ICs to select their payment method as they complete their enrollments.
Contractors still have the same convenient options–direct deposit or a Blue Elite Visa Prepaid Card, but we’ve improved how they are displayed during enrollment, so ICs have the information they need to make their choice on one simple, mobile-friendly screen.
The new and improved experience:

  • Gives them the choice of either direct deposit or the Blue Elite prepaid card right up front .
  • Explains how the Blue Elite card works (they can get paid without a bank account).
  • Makes it easy to make their selection and enter necessary information on the same screen.

As always, they can easily change their payment method after they’ve been contracted right in their Openforce portal.

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