This month’s product updates are all about making it easier to connect contracting companies to qualified, pre-vetted independent contractors (ICs) and increasing the speed and efficiency of the onboarding process. The national driver shortage is a massive challenge for our clients in the transportation industry right now. With these updates, we strive to help alleviate this challenge to get qualified ICs on the road faster while promoting safe driving habits.  

Here’s what you can look out for this month:  

Improve driver safety with new Continuous Monitoring and Education, powered by SambaSafety® 

According to Fleetowner, 40% of motor vehicle crashes are work related, costing business over $56 billion per year. With numbers like that, it’s clear that early intervention to risky driving behavior is crucial. That’s why Openforce has teamed up with SambaSafety®, an industry leader in driver risk management, to connect you to a full safety solution which includes continuous MVR monitoring and a robust contractor safety education platform. 

Openforce Continuous Driver Monitoring and Safety Education comprises two parts: First, monitoring collects motor vehicle records (MVRs) and other data to alert you in near-real time of violations such as speeding tickets, collisions or suspended licenses. The second part includes video modules providing proactive education to develop and retain great drivers.  

Continuous Monitoring and Safety Education allows you to:  

  • Reduce risk and liability with real-time alerts on negative driver activity  
  • Increase IC retention through early intervention and education for negatively trending driver behavior  
  • Automate and enforce a consistent driver safety policy across your business  
  • Understand driver behavior across individuals and groups, and take proactive measures for improvement  
  • Protect your business, independent contractors, and your community with a culture of safety 

Reach out today to discover how Openforce’s safety solution can protect and benefit your business.  

Boost driver recruitment with IC Recruit 

To break the driver shortage cycle, Openforce’s IC Recruit solution is designed to help you supplement your recruiting efforts with an available source of ICs ready to provide services—where and when you need them. While Openforce is not a staffing agency, our database of qualified and available drivers is constantly updating, as we continuously recruit and add new drivers daily. 

As an Openforce client, you gain exclusive access to a searchable database containing thousands of available contractors. It’s simple: 

  • Specify your driver requirements by vehicle type, insurances and/or major delivery area(s).  
  • In seconds, view and download a list of contractors matching your specified criteria.  
  • Choose to contact contractors you are interested in directly or invite them into a pre-enrollment workflow in a single click.  
  • Drivers who complete a pre-screening workflow will appear right in your enrollment grid, enabling you to quickly narrow down your candidates. 

For access, reach out to your Openforce representative. Not an Openforce client yet? That’s ok, get a sneak peek and sign up for free email alerts when a driver matches your specified criteria! 

Expedite onboarding with more flexible screening options

To expedite the onboarding process for ICs, we’ve made some updates that allow contracting companies to customize their onboarding workflows while increasing the speed of screening results. By expanding integrations with our partner, Proforma, our clients now have quicker access to screening results. 

Additionally, clients can now choose to immediately run MVR and background checks, with results normally back within 24 hours, and have the option to wait on the drug screen. In high demand periods, this gives clients the flexibility to choose if they want to contract drivers before receiving drug testing results. Simply speak to your onboarding specialist or Openforce representative to customize enrollment workflows to match your background screening needs. 

Ultimately, these updates give clients access to results in near real-time, increased customization options for onboarding workflows, and quicker onboarding – which results in getting drivers on the road faster instead of being held back by delayed screening results.  

As you can see, our product and development teams have been quite busy, but there’s more exciting news on the way. Be sure to come back soon for more big updates to the Openforce platform! 

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