We could all use a few shortcuts in the daily grind. Maybe you need a better way to give ICs details about their settled work or an automated way to store IC documents in your applicant tracking system. Or maybe an IC could just use a heads up when they’re about to be paid. Over the last month, we’ve introduced three new features designed to boost efficiency and eliminate those frustrations.

Line item work details make settlements more transparent

Manually distributing itemized invoices or manifest files to ICs and master contractors can add up to an organizational drag. But now, when you pay your ICs through Openforce, you can add comprehensive work details to settlement statements so ICs can see exactly what work they’ve been paid for.

You can specify the line item details you’ll submit and include things like worker ID, location, route, and commission/deduction types. This has been one of the most frequently requested features, both from Openforce clients and ICs—and for good reason. Submitting line item details means some nice compliance and efficiency gains for your business:

  • Reinforces the business-to-business relationship
  • Explicitly ties work details to IC settlement
  • Configurable to match the work/dispatch details you have available
  • No more manually distributing cumbersome invoices

And it also gives ICs critical and convenient visibility:

  • Complete payment transparency of the work settled
  • Masters can view each subcontractor’s completed work
  • Easy to download with a fully responsive mobile view

Getting up and running is simple. Once the Openforce team completes a one-time setup to configure your account for the details you want to submit, you’ll be able to submit them in seconds by going to the Settlement Processing tab and clicking New Settlement > Upload Settlement Line Item Detail.

Interested in learning more? Just reach out to your Settlement Specialist or email us at clientcare@oforce.com.

Payment notifications help ICs celebrate settlement day

On-the-go independent contractors have a lot to juggle; checking their settlement status doesn’t have to be one more thing on their to-do list.

Now ICs get handy email and SMS notifications as soon as Openforce processes their settlements. This means—no matter where they are—they’ll know in real time when their funds are on their way.

A new documents API means IC documents go wherever you need them

A big part of the vision here at Openforce is to create a platform that seamlessly integrates with the other tools your team relies on and reduces the pain of manual data management.

Of course, having a complete record of all IC documents is one of the best things you can do to ensure ongoing compliance. But now–while those documents are always safely stored in Openforce–we’ve created a Documents API so you can push those documents to other systems and tools. So if your recruiters live in an applicant tracking system, you can automatically push all IC documents there for easy reference and eliminate the need to switch back and forth between systems.

Or let’s say you want to automatically save a copy of all IC documents to a folder on your FTP site, with the Documents API endpoint you can set it up once and the API will do the rest.


Check out our API documentation or reach out to us at clientcare@oforce.com for more information.

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