Making certain you have the best possible experience with Openforce and the solutions we offer is always our top priority. From making sure ICs have proper insurance coverages in place, to a faster, smoother experience within your portal you’ll now be better equipped to focus on the bigger picture of growing the business, not the busy work.  

Connecting ICs to even more affordable insurance coverages 

We are beyond excited to share that ICM Insurance Services, LLC, a licensed broker and wholly owned subsidiary of Openforce, has partnered with One80 Intermediaries to bring three additional insurance coveragesWhile Under Dispatch (WUD) Commercial Liability, General Liability (GL), and Cargo. To learn more about how these new coverages can help protect both your business and your ICs businesses, visit our information page. 

Openforce supports the enrollment and administration of insurance coverage options that are issued to contracting companies, or Openforce can present insurance options available through our partner programs. All insurance options presented through Openforce are placed through ICM Insurance Services, LLC and are available to enrolled ICs affiliated with Openforce. All coverage is subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.  

A better, faster experience 

Yes, that’s right! Have you noticed? Our product team has been working tirelessly to make certain you can be your most efficient self during your day-to-day. You’ll enjoy smoother processes when filtering through grids or sorting through compliance documents. But it doesn’t stop there, keep your eye out as we continue to make improvements throughout your entire portal. 

Enhanced document approval functionality 

This enhancement not only saves you time when previewing or reviewing compliance documents but also eliminates excess tasks. Now you are able to seamlessly move from document to document using the left and right navigation arrows. Additionally, once you approve or reject, you’ll be automatically brought to the next document for review.

The manage contracts screen gets a new look 

Last, yet certainly equally as important, enhancements have been made to the manage contracts section of the Contractors tab, making it easier for you to view and sort contract types.

  • Easy-to-read, color-coded contract role types for masters, directs, and subcontractors 
  • Enhanced organization of master, direct, and subcontractor relationships 
  • Once you request a contractor type update from Openforce, you will now be able to view the updates and any subcontractor associates right in your portal
  • Learn more on managing contract types

About Openforce

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