Introducing same-day pay for independent contractors 

81% of gig workers prefer a pay frequency faster than the standard bi-weekly cycle, according to a 2020 Everee Gig Report. For 20 years, Openforce has been offering accurate, on-time settlements, with over $3 billion processed annually. The addition of a same-day option launches contractor payments to the next level, and we are “out of this world” excited about it! 

Through same-day pay, Openforce clients are able to:  

  • Attract more independent contractors by listing daily pay in recruiting efforts 
  • Retain and motivate current IC workforces with a more frequent pay cycle 
  • Skip the busywork by tapping into our powerful settlements API 
  • Float critical cash through American Express and several additional Openforce partners 

Contact your Openforce representative or for more information to find out if same-day pay is a good fit for you. 

High-impact data at your fingertips 

Last month, we gave a sneak peek into the exciting addition of analytical dashboards to Openforce administrative portals, and they are now live! 

We are thrilled to deliver this snapshot data feature that will provide instant insights that are beneficial to your business. Openforce clients and administrative users can now get a quick visual capture on:   

  • Contractor enrollment status  
  • Time to onboard  
  • Settlement information  

Simply log into your Openforce portal to check out these new analytics dashboards in action!  

Empowering the world to work without limits 

Independent contractors (ICs) want independent work, and companies utilizing an IC workforce need them more than ever. At Openforce, we believe in breaking down common barriers, making certain all parties are empowered to work without limits.  

That same 2020 Everee Gig Report also showed that a mere 15% of gig workers had enough savings to cover emergency expenses or to plan for their future—a major barrier for all. There are times when an eager-to-work contractor is unable to cover seemingly minor costs such as obtaining an essential background check. But why should that stop an otherwise qualified contractor from finding work? The answer is it shouldn’t, and that’s where Openforce comes in.  

We’ve demolished this barrier, now allowing the cost of a background check to be broken down and collected in two manageable installments, AFTER becoming contracted. With this barrier now out of the way, there’s a world of opportunity knocking, and it’s one where everybody wins. 

About Openforce

Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate risk for companies using independent contractors. Our cloud-based applications help companies and contractors alike achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational, and compliance barriers to getting business done.