Naturally, November is a month to reflect on what we are thankful for. We’d like to take a minute to give thanks to all of the businesses and independent contractors working tirelessly to keep our economy moving in this new world of work.  

Many of us will likely spend time gathering around the table for a big, delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Every day the Openforce Product and Development teams work together to serve up a delightful main course known as the Openforce Portal. But it wouldn’t be much of a main course without savory sides. So let’s take a closer look at what they’ve recently served up. 

Keep enrollments organized with activation code labels 

In sticking with the theme, think of activation code labels as the gravy on the mashed potatoes. Sure, mashed potatoes are great on their own, but when you add gravy—wow! The addition of the ‘Label’ column in your activation code grid is the gravy your taste buds have been craving. By default, this column will populate with the administrator’s username when a new activation code is created, allowing you to better report on who is sending which enrollment invitations, and to how many contractors.  

  • To edit an activation code label, simply click on the pencil icon 
  • To generate enrollment instructions, simply click on the person icon 
  • View which contractors were sent a particular activation code and set of enrollment instructions by expanding the view using the arrow icon  

BONUS: activation codes can now be used more than once, meaning no need to clutter the activation code grid. Administrators can use the person icon to generate enrollment instructions with the same activation code each time they need to send! 

Coming soon: Powerful data right at your fingertips 

Another popular side on Thanksgiving dinner plates is stuffing, also known as analytic dashboards. Your Openforce administrative portals will soon be STUFFED with powerful, high-impact business data such as: 

  • Contractor enrollment status 
  • Time to onboard 
  • Settlement information and much more 

We are excited to serve up this side dish as we truly believe having this data at your fingertips will be highly beneficial to your business. Be sure to keep an eye on your Openforce Portal to check out these new and exciting dashboards in action, but for now, get a sneak peek below: 

Improve driver retention with extra perks 

By now, your belly might be feeling a little full, but everyone saves a little room for dessert! We’re serving up something sweet in the form of new IC benefits which can be found in their Openforce Portal under the ‘Perks’ section. 

First, we’ve recently partnered with Rocket Lawyer, and we both believe incorporating a business should be hassle-free and affordable for all. For only $99 (plus state fees), Rocket Lawyer will handle the paperwork so your IC workforce can onboard and get to work faster.  

Next, The Insurance Desk is a team of licensed advisors here to help ICs maneuver the complicated process of finding the health insurance plan that best fits their medical needs and budget. Whether they need an option that provides out-of-state coverage, want to see if they could be saving on monthly premium or just have health insurance questions–their team of live agents are ready to help! 

Wow, that was a big dinner! Now who is ready for a nap? 

About Openforce

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