Big data analytics helps businesses of all sizes harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities and help uncover business problems. We see it every day with our clients and the wealth of independent contracting (IC) data captured in our platform—over 2 billion data points.

Companies already applying Big Data are experiencing the benefits of faster decision making, more efficient operations, higher profits, and happier customers. If you’ve been unsure about using data analytics tools in your organization, there’s perhaps no better time to start reaping the many rewards, especially when Openforce customers can start out with our free IC Insight basic reports.

Crossroads_Courier“The IC Insight reports are very useful. I transitioned from the IT sector to transportation, and have never worked in an industry with such high turnover. Managing turnover alone can be a full-time job, so it’s quite valuable to have visibility into this data. I look forward to the future release of the ‘turnover report,’ which will provide the value we need to purchase a Premium account.”

– Mike Frejik, Technology Manager

Gain Better Insights

  1. Optimal IC candidates. Not enough ICs and you could be missing out on revenue; too many and you risk inflating your operational costs. With visibility into your data, get a better understanding of your optimal IC count by location and seasonality with additional metrics into your optimal IC profile.
  2. Data visualization for better decision making. When it comes to making sense of your data, context is the key to drawing meaningful conclusions from a mountain of unstructured data. And the best insights often come from looking not at singular data points, but at trends, especially when they change direction.
  3. Improved operations. By combining data from multiple sources and applying time intervals, IC Insight can provide views into a company’s operational strengths and weaknesses. Two areas in particular where data analytics can help are improved service delivery to customers and more efficient and effective resource allocation.

Available Only to Openforce Clients

IC Insight is an interactive tool that provides you with the ability to explore your own unique data and compare your data to the overall Openforce independent contractor (IC) ecosystem. Available only to Openforce clients, these visually rich reports allow you to view, compare, and dig deeper into business data related to ICs.


Interactive Reports: Basic vs. Premium Breakdown

IC Insight reports are refreshed each month. Daily report updates are coming soon, along with the ability to receive notifications when the data changes. Clients that subscribe to the premium package, for an additional service fee, may also include their own data to create consolidated, interactive reports. Upcoming reports to be released in the coming months include contractor turnover, vehicle information, and contractor age trends.

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Offered at no additional cost to current clients, but seats are limited with a single-seat limit per company.[/blockitem] [blockitem columns=”” class=”” style=”text-align: center; width: 300px; padding-right: 0px;”]


Available with an annual commitment, IC Insight Premium can be billed annually or monthly.[/blockitem] [/gridblock]


Interested in Getting Started?

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