Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been a hot topic recently, with several large transactions being executed and continually mounting interest. In this webinar, Openforce will cover the landscape of M&A activity, what it means for you and your business, and how to ensure any M&A you are involved in will not only succeed but close faster and with more ease. Join Openforce CEO, Wendy Greenland, Industry Relations Executive, Rob Slack, and Strategic Advisor, Mike Fiorito as they cover these topics and more, answer any questions you may have about M&As and how including a TPA can help set you up for success.

    About Openforce

    Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate risk for companies using independent contractors. Our cloud-based applications help companies and contractors alike achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational, and compliance barriers to getting business done.

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