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Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce the operating costs and compliance risk for companies using independent contractors (ICs).
companies and ICs trust our payment processing
contractors enrolled through our platform
$3 billion+
in settlements processed annually

About us

Today, more than 60,000 companies and contractors rely on Openforce as their outsourced provider for rapid and compliant onboarding, contracting, settlement processing, risk controls requirements and valuable member benefits.
Our vision

Openforce was formed directly from the experience of our founders operating a company that utilized independent contractors. Frustrated by administrative inefficiencies and expanding legal constraints, the team set out to build a solution that would help companies do it right.

Nearly 20 years later, entire industries are redefining conventional models of work that fall short on cost, efficiency, and meeting customer demand. Which is why from our technology platform to our superior services, we simplify everything IC to empower a world to work without limits.

Serving companies & contractors for nearly two decades
Based in Phoenix, a leading U.S. financial processing and tech hub
Backed by a Boston-based investor in profitable, high-growth companies

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