Safety Monitoring

Build a culture of safety

Your independent contractor workforce is your most valuable asset, and also one of your greatest exposures to risk

It’s not uncommon for contracting companies to pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) on an annual basis. However, much can happen during the other 364 days of the year. We know accidents can happen and through our partnership with SambaSafety, we can help you implement a full safety solution allowing for early intervention of risky driving habits to ultimately improve driver and community safety.

Continuous MVR monitoring and safety education

Your driver risk management solution

Safety is about preventing bad driver behavior from occurring, and also recognizing those who are keeping the roads free of crashes. With continuous driver monitoring, you are a leader in the safety of your independent contractors and community. We know we can’t prevent all crashes, but together we can change driver behavior and build a culture of safety across your business.

How it works

First, monitoring collects motor vehicle records (MVRs) and other data to alert you in near-real time of violations such as speeding tickets, collisions or suspended licenses. The second part includes a robust LMS system of video modules providing proactive education to develop and retain great drivers while allowing you to track course completion.

The value of MVR monitoring and safety education

The greatest risk associated with your independent contractors today is not having full 12-month visibility into a driver’s behavior. The biggest opportunity to reduce auto risk is monitoring your independent contractors to gain insight on driver behavior, ensuring you’re contracting and retaining the right drivers for your business. Openforce’s safety solution helps you to:

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