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Technology for your gig economy

We are an Extension of Your Team

Under the guidance of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in the business, the leadership team cultivates our technology-enabled vision for the gig economy, and work tirelessly to help our team scale and succeed.

Wendy Greenland
Chief Executive Officer

With almost three decades of experience in technology leadership and recent expertise in the transportation industry, Wendy Greenland plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between companies and independent contractors using technology. She leads Openforce's mission to provide top-notch services to contractors and clients, emphasizing transparency and effective communication. Wendy also actively engages with organizations like the Alliance of Technology and Women and Women in Trucking. Her previous role as COO at InfinityHR prepared her for leading Openforce's strategic growth and operational transformation.…

Phillip Boice
Chief Financial Officer

Phillip Boice, the Chief Financial Officer at Openforce, brings over two decades of expertise in technology, healthcare, and financial transactions. His background includes roles at Embark Behavioral Health and FATHOM, where he managed financial planning, analysis, and accounting functions. Phillip is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an MBA from Arizona State University.…

Bill Chval
Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Chval stands out as a dynamic leader with nearly three decades of expertise in spearheading transformative strategies, product diversification, and profitability. His strength lies in rejuvenating, developing, and galvanizing teams and organizations, culminating in remarkable revenue surges even in fiercely competitive industries and markets.…

Jared Allen
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Jared Allen leads Openforce's technology initiatives, emphasizing innovation and organizational transformation. He has extensive experience in global organizations and has successfully led product development, modernization, and Agile transformations. Before Openforce, Jared was the Vice President of Product Development at Micro Focus in Phoenix, Arizona.…

Cathy Wright
Chief Product Officer

Cathy Wright serves as Chief Product Officer at Openforce, focusing on delivering innovative solutions that meet customer needs. With over 25 years of product leadership experience, Cathy excels in building high-performing teams and achieving product roadmap objectives. Her customer-focused approach stems from her experience in customer-facing roles, including sales executive and technical support. Cathy's previous roles include Executive Vice President, Product Management at Clear Capital Inc.…

Doug Grawe
General Counsel

Doug Grawe's expertise in technology and transportation is crucial to Openforce's mission. He gained valuable insights during his 17-year career with Dart Transit Company, a leading trucking company. His background in risk management and compliance issues is essential as technology transforms transportation operations.…