Keep them happy without extra risk

Gain a competitive advantage with a suite of benefits designed to keep 1099 workers engaged long-term and help them thrive as independent business owners.

Perks built for them

We stock our always-expanding benefits page full of options and discounts designed to help make life as an independent contractor a little easier.
Settlement advances for quick cash
Through our exclusive partnership with ZayZoon, contractors can borrow against their next settlement early. And the best part is they only pay a $5 flat fee for every $200 borrowed.
Health, dental and wellness plans
They can skip the hunt for affordable insurance and access a variety of affordable plans to take care of themselves and their families.
Savings on everyday expenses
From shopping to restaurants to movie tickets and rental cars, bonus discounts on all of life’s day-to-day purchases can add up fast.
Vehicle rental, leasing and maintenance services
Contractors can find what they need, when they need it with exclusive savings and discounts from trusted partners such as Budget, Fluid Truck, Enterprise and more.
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Everything they need to manage their business

Being an independent contractor means being an independent business owner. That’s why we give them access to essential tools, services, and educational resources that cut through the complexities and help you reinforce an arm’s length relationship.
  • Concierge LLC formation service
  • Hassle-free business insurances
  • Expert tax, accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Legal advisors for tricky business questions and situations
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Boost retention with benefits

What we know
Finding quality contractors is hard, and with average annual turnover rates ranging anywhere between 70-500%, keeping them engaged and contracted with your business is even harder.
Our proven solution
Connecting your contractors to our robust benefits portal gives them the added stability they strive for. In fact, our clients typically see 3x higher retention when compared to the industry average. Now that’s a win-win!

We’ve done this before. A lot.

contractors have utilized our benefits offerings
$12+ million
in cash advances paid to contractors
$27+ million
in contractor PPP loans secured in 2021

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