Onboard and qualify independent contractors—in one place

Openforce’s powerful, mobile-optimized platform automates time-consuming tasks to screen, collect documents, and get contractors to work faster.

Flexible workflows

Contract signing

Doc storage

Our tech automates the hard stuff

Give your team superpowers 

Skip the hassle of paper pushing and manual processes and take candidates from pre-screening to qualified to contracted in one portal, in record time.  

Goodbye bottlenecks, hello progress 

Centralize and simplify onboarding for ops, HR, and contractors alike to avoid stalls and get ICs up and running.  

Deep functionality reduces your risks 

Integrated qualification capabilities and compliance safeguards mean you’re contracting the right people and have the audit trail to prove it.

Totally scalable, totally efficient 

Whether you need a high-level overview of your pipeline or a detailed view of one candidate, get everything at your fingertips to enable real-time decision-making.


Find qualified contractors faster

Tools and guidance to keep your recruiting funnel full and get qualified contractors when and where you need them.
Tell us who you need, and we’ll find them
We’ll put the word out through our extensive database of vetted independent contractors.
Save time with pre-screens 
Ask the pre-qualification questions you need and review in one convenient portal. 
Bonus Easily embed links in your work listings to send applicants right to your pre-screen
Stay organized  
Automatically track applicants at every step so you never miss a promising one. 


Onboarding and qualifications tailored to your business

Paperless enrollments and powerful compliance tools enable you (and ICs) to tackle even the most complex screening and documentation requirements, while saving you both precious time.

Flexible enrollment workflows 

We collect standard information upfront while modules let you customize workflows with whatever steps and requirements you need.

Quick verifications 

Automatic verifications (identity, driver’s license, EIN, operating authority and moresave you from leaving it to chance or slogging through manual checks.

Integrated screening 

Seamlessly initiate screens and get results right in the Openforce platform, including background screens, MVRs, and drug testing.

Managed business entity formation 

Require ICs have an LLC or operating authority? Our white-glove service walks each IC through the process and completes and files the paperwork for them.


Get the documents, painlessly and compliantly

From the signed contractor agreement to proof of coverage, ICs sign and upload as they onboard, meaning you can ditch the file cabinet for a complete audit trail.
Automatically collect and save compliance documents 
Gather critical documents (COIs, driver’s licenses, ananything else you require) and assign expiration dates to keep a single source of truth for each IC. 
Bonus Contractors can easily upload and sign documents right from their phones
Convenient and mobile from start to finish 
Busy ICcan onboard right from their phones, including entering banking informationenrolling in insurance, and signing documents. 
Handy contractor alerts 
Keep the process moving and reduce admin burden with automated alerts reminding contractors to finish enrollment items. 
Bonus With our Managed Onboarding service, a real person walks contractors through each step and makes sure they don't stall along the way.
Use our onboarding to:
  • Get contractors onboarded quickly 

  • Collect critical compliance documents  

  • Ensure ICs meet your insurance requirements 

  • Collect driver’s licenses, insurance docs, and more 

  • Recruit qualified contractors

With tools like:
  • Digital, mobile-friendly enrollments 

  • Instant ID verification 

  • Integrated background screeningMVRs, and drug checks 

  • Quick, document collection and signing 

  • Managed onboarding coordinators 

See how Openforce can work for you