Connect with qualified contractors faster

What happens when there is a gap between your usual recruiting methods and the ICs you need? Openforce’s IC Recruit solution is designed to help you supplement your recruiting efforts with an available source of independent contractors (ICs) ready to provide services—where and when you need them.
Break the IC shortage cycle
Find qualified contractors fast

IC Recruit supplements conventional recruiting methods by bringing candidates directly to you.

Visibility and predictability

IC Recruit is there when you need it and enables you to only onboard ICs that meet your specific business standards.

Quick, automated enrollment

From pre-enrollment to IC selection to onboarding, Openforce’s platform integrates and speeds up the entire process.

Reduce overall costs

Spend less time on recruiting and qualifying candidates and refocus your efforts on scaling business.

How IC Recruit works
As an Openforce client, you gain exclusive access to a searchable database containing thousands of available contractors:
  • Specify your driver requirements by vehicle type, insurances and/or major delivery area(s).

  • In seconds, view and download a list of contractors matching your specified criteria.

  • Choose to contact contractors you are interested in directly or invite them into a pre-enrollment workflow in a single click.

  • Drivers who complete a pre-screening workflow will appear right in your enrollment grid, enabling you to quickly narrow down your candidates.

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