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Partner with our people, not just our technology.

We work tirelessly to understand your unique requirements, provide up-to-date advice on best practices, and continually improve our products and services so you and your workforce can thrive.

Managed services

Managed onboarding
Our managed onboarding service dedicates an IC Specialist to personally walk your new contractors through each part of the enrollment process; answering questions and making sure no one gets stalled so that contractors can get to work quickly.
IC recruit
IC Recruit helps you find independent contractors faster with expert tools and guidance that get your listings in front of the right people. Let us know your requirements and we’ll put the word out through social media, job boards, and our extensive database of thousands of independent contractors.
Insurance partners
Getting the best mix of coverage for a 1099 workforce is complex, and mistakes can mean catastrophic financial consequences. Openforce makes it easier by leveraging our technology, expertise and network of trusted broker partnerships to help you find and maintain essential coverage for you and your contractors.

Best-in-class support

Implementation support
Switching to a new system can be scary, but we’ll work to clear the way and make the process as swift and smooth as possible. A highly experienced Project Manager will partner with you every step of the way to identify goals, provide recommendations, and help you transition to the new system.
Customer care
Once you’re up and running, our Customer Care team is dedicated to ensuring your continued success. An assigned settlement specialist with a deep understanding of your specific Openforce implementation will be at the ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.
IC support
Whether your independent contractor has a question about their settlement payment, their Openforce benefits, or how to reset their password, our friendly IC Support team can help via phone, chat, or email. This means a better experience for them and less time spent fielding questions for you.
Litigation support
The Openforce platform is designed to keep you compliant in the face of changing regulations and reduce your liability risks. But if you ever face a misclassification claim, our experienced team will work with you and your legal team to provide critical documentation housed in the Openforce platform, answer questions, and provide context to ensure you’re well equipped to demonstrate your compliance measures.
Legal services support
Our optional Support for Legal Services program provides advanced support in the event of an agency-level state or federal misclassification claim. Openforce will connect you with the right attorney and cover your legal fees (all the way up to the personal appearance of legal counsel). Your attorney will represent you, not Openforce, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best defense for your business.

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