Make sure they’re insured—the right way.

As the premier insurance technology provider for independent contractors (ICs), Openforce simplifies the insurance maze, letting you choose whether to bring your own essential coverages to our platform or purchase affordable plans through our network of partners. And no matter what, settlement-deducted premiums billed in arrears ensure every IC’s required coverages are always in place and active.

A suite of flexible coverages

Settlement-deducted premiums

More peace-of-mind

Protect your business, and theirs

IC-specific coverages and guidance

With a full suite of affordable IC insurances, from cargo and general liability to contingent liability and occupational accident, we’ll help you achieve a combination of coverages that meets contractual requirements and reduces misclassification risks.

A network of trusted partners

Through a variety of insurance carriers and brokers, we empower both ICs and your business with choices for better coverages at better prices. And if you already have a provider, our system can enable enrollment and process deductions.
Specialized transportation options
Driver insurances are crucial to lower your risk exposure, maintain separation between your business and theirs, and reduce claims on corporate policies. We offer a full menu of options, including:
  • General liability
  • Cargo insurance
  • On-dispatch liability
  • Physical damage protection

Settlement-deducted premiums eliminate lapses

We’ll deduct contractor premiums right from settlements, so you know that every ICs’ required coverage is verified and always active (and you can skip the sleepless nights).
Contractors get affordable coverage that makes sense
Insurance can be a big hurdle for contractors, but Openforce provides affordable, flexible, convenient options with no individual underwriting. Plus, contractors pay premiums in arrears so they are only billed for settlement periods during which they’ve provided services.

Insurance, without the guesswork

No more slipping through the cracks
Our tailored enrollment workflows enable you to ensure every IC has the right coverage—without the hassle, resources, and human errors that come with manual administration.
Store COIs in one place
No matter what insurances you require contractors carry, you can collect certificates up front during onboarding and keep tabs on expirations in one easy-to-use dashboard.
Support every step of the way
With combined decades of experience, our insurance and risk teams are here to offer critical insights as your business and the world around it changes.
Use our platform to:  
  • Connect ICs with a variety of insurance coverages 

  • Manage contractual insurance requirements 

  • Collect and centralize all COIs 

  • Monitor insurance expirations 

  • Ensure coverage is active and in place 

With tools like:
  • Tailored onboarding workflows  

  • Settlement-deducted premiums 

  • Quick, document collection 

  • Comprehensive expirations dashboard 

  • Premium payments in arrears

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