Contractor Insurances

Coverages uniquely designed with independent contractors in mind

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While no two businesses are identical, they often face similar risks. Our key commercial insurance policies are designed to safeguard your company from prevalent mishaps, legal disputes, and damages. Our experienced network of agents are ready to provide tailored coverages based on your distinctive needs. Check out some of the most popular insurance policies our partners offer.


Whatever you do, we’ve got you covered

  • Gig Worker Platforms

  • Local, First and Last Mile

  • Health and Personal Care

  • Pet Care

  • Installation and Assembly

  • Trucking

Contractor insurances, reimagined

Uniquely designed, usage-based insurance policies that you won’t find anywhere else. Structured specifically to meet the needs of today’s on-demand workers, they’ll get the coverage they need while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

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