Derek Neighbors

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Derek Neighbors leads Openforce’s IT organization, and is responsible for evolving our technology strategy, scaling our IT systems and infrastructure, and executing on our roadmap to deliver the platform for a more sustainable and profitable on-demand economy.

With 20 years of technical management, software development, product ownership, and ability to deconstruct and improve complex systems—Derek helps technical organizations optimize for growth and innovation.

Most recently, he was Chief Technology Officer of Tanga Network where he designed proprietary personalization and deal scoring technology stack.

In 2008, Derek co-founded Gangplank, a collaborative workspace to help encourage local creatives to explore new ideas and create what they are passionate about. Prior to Gangplank, he was Managing Partner at Integrum Technologies, a consulting services firm that helped teams at GoDaddy, Intel, Monster and Orbitz to compete in the new economy.

His passion to change the world of work plays a large role in challenging companies to create an open environment of collaboration, innovation, and success.