Rhonda Weston

Vice President of Insurtech Sales

Rhonda Weston’s mission throughout her impressive 20-year career in transportation insurance has always been to:  

  • Provide specialized services that benefit insurance agents, insurance companies, and contracting companies
  • Protect her clients by reducing exposure and E&O
  • Preserve relationships by creating a trusted and profitable environment between all parties  

With a talent for building key relationships with specialty brokers and carriers, Rhonda is responsible for introducing and implementing Openforce technology platforms to bridge the gap between transportation companies and their representing insurance agents. Rhonda’s multi-channel marketing strategy allows her to create a truly customized insurtech solution for contracting companies.  

Prior to joining Openforce, Rhonda spent nearly 17 years in new business development at Focus Solutions, Inc. Her role was specialized to the transportation industry as she provided a comprehensive technology program called C.B.A. (Contractors Benefits Administration), specifically designed for motor carriers, insurance companies and agencies. During this time, Rhonda implemented insurtech services for over 500 transportation companies.   

Rhonda was first immersed in the world of transportation insurance through the National Association of Independent Truckers (NAIT). Here, she spent three years learning Occupational Accident, Non-Trucking Liability and Physical Damage underwriting, gaining a solid understanding of the compliance side of independent contractor programs. This experience lends to her present-day role as she works closely with insurance agents and contracting companies to procure the best insurtech solutions for all involved parties.   

Rhonda’s focused service areas include: 

  • Insurtech products ranging from corporate level to independent contractor insurance programs 
  • Reducing insurance management operational costs by 66% on average  
  • Enriching relationships between insurance agencies, contracting companies, and insurance providers  
  • Implementing tools to protect insurance agent’s E&O
  • Multi-channel marketing