There are several best practices you can implement to ensure a smooth and efficient process in managing final mile delivery drivers who are independent contractors (ICs):

  1. Commit to a strong independent contractor program. This includes teaching your office team about the differences between employees and ICs and how to respect IC freedoms.
  2. Know what rules apply to your IC relationship. Every state, city, and jurisdiction are different, so be sure to know where to look for city ordinances and state administration laws.
  3. Make sure ICs have choices. These choices include the type of vehicle, work and schedule, loads/routes/runs/shipments, and even choice of fuel.
  4. Pay your ICs like ICs, not employees.
  5. Make sure your ICs have access to risk management tools. Access to good healthcare, savings, and retirement as ICs build their businesses is important. However, you cannot offer these benefits directly without violating employment laws.

By implementing these best practices, you can effectively manage your independent contractor final mile delivery drivers, ensuring on-time and efficient deliveries while keeping them motivated and engaged.