Today’s businesses are hyper-focused on implementing sustainable business practices to protect the environment and improve operational efficiencies. Let’s explore three ways Openforce helps achieve sustainability faster through paperless solutions, remote work capabilities, and partnerships enabling easy access to electric vehicles (EVs).  

1. Paperless solutions for sustainability  

It’s 2023; every business has gone paperless by now, right? Wrong. According to Record Nations, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, with almost half being trashed by the end of the day.  

But it doesn’t end there. With a typical 4-drawer filing cabinet housing between 10,000 – 12,000 documents, administrative workers are wasting up to 40% of their time searching for lost documents housed in unorganized filing cabinets.  

Now ask yourself: 

  • How much is your business spending on paper and printing each year? 
  • How much more revenue-driving work could get done if administrative teams had up to 40% of their time back? 

By going paperless, businesses contribute to a greener planet, eliminate unnecessary costs, and enhance operational efficiencies. And Openforce’s technology can help you get there faster. Through its built-in document storage feature, independent contractors securely upload and e-sign their contracts and documents in just a few clicks. Documents are then stored digitally, ensuring easy access and organization for administrative workers. We’ll even send handy alerts before they expire!

2. Enable remote work for sustainable business practices

There’s another benefit to going paperless. Through Openforce’s mobile enrollments, independent contractors can enroll with your company from anywhere- even from the couch on their smartphone. Gig workers strive for freedom and flexibility, so why force them into an office to scatter around paperwork?  

Enabling remote work for recruiters, administrators, and independent contractors promotes a better work-life balance while having several direct environmental benefits, including:  

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Decreased consumption of fossil fuels 
  • Increased air quality 
  • Less usage of office supplies 
  • Reduced power consumption

Did you know studies show that for every remote worker, energy consumption is reduced by at least 5,400 kWh every year?  

Openforce understands the importance of minimizing commuting and its associated environmental impacts, which is why we offer the tools needed for businesses to enable remote work capabilities as part of our sustainable business practices.

3. Gain easy access to electric vehicles

If you own or operate a transportation or delivery company, you’re likely aware of the Biden administration’s recent blueprint calling for drastic emissions reductions by 2027.  

With the transportation sector responsible for one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions, final-mile companies are scrambling to find the financing and resources needed to replace their gas-powered fleets. 

Luckily, Openforce has created partnerships with companies like Ryder and Fluid Truck to ensure independent contractors have easy, affordable access to EVs. Through Openforce’s contractor benefits marketplace, independent contractors can access electric vehicles (EVs) at exclusive discounted rates. 

By facilitating access to EVs, Openforce promotes sustainable mobility solutions, reducing carbon footprints and driving positive environmental change. These partnerships underscore Openforce’s dedication to supporting eco-friendly practices within the independent contractor ecosystem. 

Putting it all together 

Embracing Openforce’s technology helps you achieve sustainability goals faster with paperless solutions, remote work capabilities, and access to EVs. Our commitment to sustainable business practices enables you to positively impact the environment while saving your business time and money. Together we can help ensure a greener future for all. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your demo. 

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