In the home healthcare industry, the need for additional workers is urgent. Home healthcare providers often rely on independent contractors (ICs) to provide essential care services to patients. However, managing an IC workforce can take time and effort. Finding, onboarding, and overseeing the administration of ICs can take valuable time and resources away from other essential tasks.  

Many home healthcare providers are turning to home healthcare automation to solve this problem. By utilizing software to enable automatic processes, home healthcare providers can save up to $4 million each year, according to some estimates. Automation can streamline routine administrative tasks related to onboarding and managing ICs, freeing up valuable resources for other important initiatives for growing your business.  

4 ways home healthcare automation will ease the administrative burden for your growing business  

With the demands of doing business in today’s increasingly mobile digital economy, organizations must adapt to automation. Utilizing new technology to streamline these processes will enable good decision-making faster than ever before.  

Automating routine administrative tasks related to onboarding and the administrative burden of contracting ICs allows contracting companies to benefit from modern innovation and embed tremendous new efficiencies into their workflows.  

More specifically, it can provide a complete solution in the following four key areas:  

  1. Pre-qualifying prospective contractors  
  2. Insurance verification and premiums  
  3. Contractor settlements and deductions  
  4. Integration and logistics  

With one system maintaining each of these areas, home healthcare companies will gain significant savings—significant enough to make investing in upgrading seem inconsequential compared to the value gained from an automated system. 

Pre-qualifying prospective contractors 

Finding qualified and skilled ICs can be a daunting task. An automated system can help streamline the pre-qualification process, allowing home healthcare providers to quickly and easily identify the best candidates.   

With a platform like Openforce, prospective contractors can respond directly to an online recruitment ad and begin the pre-qualification process. The system can confirm an IC’s identity, collect and submit the necessary documentation, and handle background screening based on your requirements.   

Home healthcare providers can save valuable time and resources by automating these tasks. 

Insurance verification and premiums 

ICs may be covered under different insurance policies than employees, leaving both the IC and your home healthcare business at risk. An automated process can verify and track insurance coverage for ICs, ensuring that everyone has the coverage they need.   

Openforce even offers insurance policies and a platform that provides coverage in arrears and automatically deducts premiums from IC settlements to ensure that coverage doesn’t lapse. This gives you and your ICs peace of mind that they are protected. 

Contractor settlements and deductions

Automating IC settlements is the simplest way to make compensation error- and hassle-free. With a secure and reliable system, companies can process settlements without the human component of manual calculations and paperwork.  

Instead of painstaking hours of accounting and timesheet crunch before settlement day, an automated system does all the work efficiently and accurately. Settlements are secured, verified, and viewable online, increasing the ICs’ sense of security, satisfaction, and retention levels. 

Integration and logistics

One of the most inefficient tasks in contracting with a new home health aide is manually entering information into several different apps or locations. This bottleneck slows the process of getting the IC up to speed, which can negatively impact your company’s service objectives.  

Sharing data between online documents eliminates extra manual steps, reducing the potential for errors and increasing each IC’s availability to be put to work right away. This cloud-based operation empowers everyone to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  

Get help from Openforce  

Openforce offers a comprehensive IC workforce management platform that simplifies the process for home healthcare providers. Our platform and suite of managed services streamline the process with quick and reliable automation, allowing you to focus on providing essential care services to your clients.  

By leveraging new technology to replace outdated manual processes, Openforce helps companies save time and money while achieving more significant results and sustainable growth. As a result, working with contracted home health aides has never been easier. Reach out today to schedule a demo.  

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