Learn how Openforce’s Pre-Screen workflow and web links can save you time

Between changing laws and COVID-19 keeping trucking schools closed, the current driver shortage is real. It’s been said that the trucking industry alone could have as many as 80,000 fewer drivers compared to last year. That means having proper and efficient recruiting techniques is critical to your business. But the recruiting process can be complex and time-consuming. Did you know that through the Openforce portal, you can set up a custom workflow that can help?

Save time with a custom Pre-Screening workflow

The Pre-Screening workflow saves your administrators valuable time by allowing you to screen data provided by a new prospect and quickly determine if he/she qualifies to move forward with a full enrollment package for contracted services. Simply put, it follows the flow below:

Additionally, you can customize the Pre-Screen workflow to only include information that helps you screen candidates. Want to take a look at copies of their Insurance Declaration pages, Licenses, DOT numbers, and maybe ask a few questions before you even reach out to them? You have the ability to do so.

Web links make the recruiting process seamless

Web links, when paired with the Pre-Screen workflow, create an efficient recruiting process. 

Simply create a web link within your Client Portal, and embed it directly into your recruiting ad.  The IC will click the link in your ad and get started just as they would any enrollment invite. Your administrator will see their information in the enrollment grid, as soon as they start completing it.

If you like what you see in the documents provided, you can initiate a request to send a full enrollment package. If you don’t, decline the enrollment and they will be automatically notified via our automated notification system. We can even add in some auto decline features, so you don’t have to sift through all the wrong candidates. The beauty of this combination is, you can set it up for a specific time period, then stop using it until you need to do another recruiting effort.

To see this time-saving solution in action, watch this quick video now.

If you’d like to take advantage of the Pre-Screen workflow, simply contact your Client Services representative and they will initiate the process to set up customized pre-screen workflow to your exact specifications. Now that’s recruiting, simplified!

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