Your Openforce platform contains a lot of data—and with all that data, easily getting to what you need (and being able to take action on it) is a must. That’s why we’ve just added a variety of new features geared toward helping you find and focus on the things you need right now. From actionable, dedicated views of ongoing compliance tasks to better ways to filter enrollments and contractors, these new tools will help you power through your to-dos.

Make quick work of document approvals

Recently we gave a live-action demo of our new ongoing compliance management tools and shared the thinking behind them. To date, Openforce has been great at collecting critical contractor compliance documents during onboarding and storing them for later, but the experience of managing those documents (approving, rejecting, monitoring expirations) hasn’t been truly intuitive or efficient. We’re committed to improving the tools you have available to make ongoing compliance a painless part of your day-to-day work patterns.

Now, in addition to tools to help you stay ahead of document expirations, we’ve added a brand-new experience for viewing and approving compliance documents. A dashboard above the enrollment and contractor grids keeps a running tally of the documents waiting for your approval, so you know exactly what needs your attention.

Click on the dashboard and you’ll arrive at the document approvals view (you can also access it under Documents in the navigation bar). This is your command center, designed for quickly approving and rejecting contractor documents in one place. With everything that needs review surfaced here, you’ll be able to keep enrollments moving along and keep tabs on documents that have been recently updated.
Not only is this view fully searchable, but dropdowns enable you to filter by document type and location. Icons on the left allow you to preview, download, approve or reject the documents. Once you click “Preview,” you’ll see the document file and can approve and reject right then and there (no need to download it first).

Improved filters for the enrollment and contractor grids

When your to-do list is a mile long, the last thing you want to spend time on is scouring your enrollment or contractor grids to find the ICs you need to focus on. You have always been able to use the search boxes and filters in the column headings to find what you need, but they’re not always ideal when you need speed.

To fix this, we’re adding some easy-to-use dropdown filters right above the contractor and enrollment grids. You can filter by date (we’ll automatically filter to the last 30 days for enrollments), location, enrollment type, action and status. All you need to do is select from the dropdowns and click the “Filter results” button.

The new dropdowns provide you with a faster way to isolate what you need to work on and power your way through with fewer distractions. But this is a work in progress, so you’ll see more new filter capabilities added over the next few weeks.

Enrollment Grid Filters

Assign a recruiter to a location 

With the addition of the concept of “assigned recruiter,” now you can easily designate who on your team is responsible for the enrollments for a specific location. This is especially helpful if you use an applicant tracking system for part of your recruitment funnel, as it enables you to carry the association between a recruiter and a contract worker all the way through to the contract stage in Openforce. (Check out the full how-to guide here.)

Assign Recruiter
You can also quickly filter the enrollment grid to see enrollments associated with a specific recruiter or view any enrollments that are unassigned. By default, we’ll filter out the noise to only display those enrollments assigned to you. (Don’t worry, if you need to view everything, you can simply select “All” in the dropdown menu of the Recruiter column.)

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