This month we’ve added a bunch of features designed to help you efficiently access the information you need and provide new, more flexible ways to use it, from enrollment task management to real-time data syncing.

Assign a coordinator to an enrollment

We recently let you know that you can now associate a recruiter with an Openforce enrollment to enable easier tracking. (It can be especially useful if you use an applicant tracking system and want to preserve an association made there between a recruiter and an applicant.)

But in addition to a recruiter, there may be someone else you want to associate with an enrollment.  So we’ve also introduced the ability to assign a coordinator to an enrollment to enable that same additional tracking and easier task management.

Say, for instance, that one of your team members is responsible for nudging contractors through their enrollment (reminding them to get drug screens or to upload docs). You could assign that coordinator to the appropriate enrollments, and then they can easily filter the enrollment grid to show them only the enrollments assigned to them. This means they can eliminate the distractions and focus on what they need to, and at the same time, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of who is assigned to every enrollment.

Because assigning a coordinator works just like assigning a recruiter, it can all be handled in the same menu in just a few seconds. Check out the full how-to or see it in action at our recent webinar here.

Simplified invoicing for contractors 

Openforce’s invoicing enables you to send details about completed work to contractors and have them review, request changes and ‘submit’ invoices prior to settlement. This not only reinforces the independence of the contractor, but it also keeps everyone on the same page in regard to work completed and helps prevent issues after settlement.

All of that is great, but, over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of listening to contractors to figure out how to make the process smoother and now we’re in the midst of overhauling the invoicing interface to make good on that request.

In the contractor portal, we’ve created two new invoicing views. The Unpaid Invoices view is their command central for reviewing and submitting invoices and keeping tabs on invoices that are still pending. In this view, we’ve organized the data for maximum clarity, so contractors can quickly see which invoices still need to be submitted and take action, without sifting through past invoices.

Whenever they do need to refer to a past invoice, they can use the dedicated Settled Invoices view, including a handy search box, to find a specific invoice or to see their entire invoice history at a glance. (While we’re pretty excited about these improvements, we know some contractors may be committed to the old view, so that’s also still available for them to use as well.)

As part of our product process of iterating on each new update, these changes are a work in progress while we get feedback, so expect to see new improvements and refinements over the next weeks.

Receive contractor documents via webhook  

Managing a contractor relationship end-to-end looks a little different for everyone, and while you can do a lot of that right in Openforce, you may have other tools, like an applicant tracking system or a dispatch platform, that you rely on, too. Our goal is to make all of the critical data that Openforce excels at collecting and storing available to those other systems, so we’ve built up a series of webhooks over the last several months to make that simple.

The latest addition can send contractor documents to another platform in real-time as soon as they are created or updated—which is great if you want to keep copies of all of them in your applicant tracking system or even an FTP.

To get all set up, simply head to the Integrations menu in Openforce, select Custom Webhooks, and then click Add New Webhook. After that, you’ll simply type in the website you want to use to consume the data and select the data type you want to send over.

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