Traditional work is changing. People want more control over their schedules, flexible working conditions, and to be their own boss. But being your own boss and business owner comes with its own unique set of challenges and unknowns—like whether you need to apply for a business license.

What is a Business License?

A business license allows you to conduct business in a specific city or municipality. Each city and town in the U.S. is different, and their requirements vary as to who must get a business license and how much the license costs. Failure to understand the licensing rules where your business is located can result in serious consequences.

Why do I Need a Business License?

Licenses are required for three main purposes:

  • To identify your business and make sure you are accountable for your actions
  • To protect the public health and safety
  • To keep track of your finances for tax purposes

Much like how incorporating may keep your business (and you) from losing personal assets in the event of a lawsuit, a license provides protection in the event that your business is damaged or if any of your team suffer from an injury. Without the license, you are the one who is held liable, along with your assets and personal finances. Fortunately, getting a business license is neither very expensive, nor time consuming, if you know where to start.

How do I Get Started?

If you’re already up to speed on your business license needs and prefer to secure them yourself, go to Business.USA.Gov. But knowing what you need can be a little tricky—that’s why we provide the resources to help guide our members in the right direction.

As an Openforce member, we offer the resources for business success:

  1. Log into your Member Benefits in your self-service online portal and click on the ‘Business’ tab
  2. Select the ‘Business Licenses’ icon to get started


This is just one of the many business resources and benefits we provide Openforce members. Let the experts do the paperwork for you, so you can focus on the other more important aspects of getting your business up and running. Ultimately, saving valuable time and having peace of mind that you’ve filled out the proper paperwork is worth the minor expense.

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