Even for clients using Openforce’s complete mobile onboarding platform, enrollment workflows related to pre-screening, background screens documentation, and authorizations can create a heavy, time-consuming burden for carrier relations administrators.

It’s inevitable that in any onboarding process, there will be delays from third parties and even the ICs themselves. As a result, administrators get caught in the cycle of chasing down information, making calls, and holding all parties accountable to deadlines.

Furthermore, when there are delays in the process, most organizations say it’s because they don’t know the status of the onboarding process and cannot be timely with their follow up.

That’s why Openforce’s Fast Onboard Service was created. We assign an administrator who takes on and expedites the onboarding process while providing clients with visibility into all contractors’ status along the way.

Getting the ICs on the road quicker

With a dedicated Onboarding Team acting as an extension of your department, we can ensure that qualified contractors are onboarded quickly through the Openforce platform faster than clients can typically achieve themselves. Here’s why:
The Fast Onboarding Team is:

  • Knowledgeable on the Openforce system.
  • Fully versed in the Client’s process, requirements, business and people.
  • Dedicated to onboard management only; no distractions or other duties.
  • Able to run overtime with 48-hour advanced notice for urgent needs.

Proven Results

In a recent benchmarking study, an Openforce Onboarding Coordinator dramatically reduced cycle times and durations for the following:

Openforce’s Fast Onboarding Team helps meet the onboarding and compliance demands of your approved business process, supporting the following:

Additionally, the Onboarding Team will benchmark current enrollment durations that will be used to identify and improve bottlenecks across the entire process, so that clients can see their actual results.
With Openforce’s Fast Onboard Service, companies are able to transfer the burdens of inefficiencies, wasted time, and cost to us.


Learn how Fast Onboard Service with complete mobile enrollments provides your company with faster access to enrolled drivers.

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