Doc Pushes can be created and utilized to send a contractor a document that may not have been part of their original enrollment or whenever a compliance item needs to be completed again.

When a document needs to be an enrollment package that you will push to contractors, send a request to have that enrollment created over to the Openforce Client Services team.

1. When it has been confirmed that the enrollment package has been completed, you can send the package to the contractor by navigating to the Contractor’s grid.

2. Select the checkbox for the applicable IC(s).

3. Click on the Actions button and

4. select Send Enrollment Package Request .

5. Choose the appropriate Location option.

6. Enter any Notes associated with the Enrollment Package

7. Click the Accept button to send the Enrollment Package to the IC(s)

8. Confirm the Detailed Results to verify the request is sent.

You will now be able to see the Enrollment Package on the Enrollments grid and the IC will now see the Enrollment Package when they login to their Openforce portal.