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Client FAQs

Openforce’s FAQs page is your one-stop destination for quick answers and insights into our contractor workforce management solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned user or exploring our platform for the first time, this page helps address common inquiries on core areas of our services.

Contractor Management

Our platform streamlines and enhances the management of your contractor workforce. From onboarding and insurance to document organization, uncover essential information in the following FAQs to optimize your contractor management experience with Openforce.

How do I approve documents?2023-12-11T19:38:54+00:00

If an IC uploads a document or elects to hand sign both Openforce and you as the client will need to approve documents at times.

1. On the Enrollments grid, search for the name of the person who has a document you want to review.

2. When you have the person on your grid, click the Approve/Reject button.

3. Click the Review button.

4. Click the Review button.

5. After you have reviewed the document, you will then be given the option to Approve or Reject the document.

How do I manage documents?2023-12-11T19:38:54+00:00

Administrative users can manage expiring, expired, and pending documents on one screen while utilizing quick filters and search capabilities.

1. Navigate to the Documents Grid

2. Select the Document Management (Preview) tab

3. Search for the Contractor Information or filter down the results as needed.

4. Click the hyperlink in the Document Info column for the applicable document.

For more information on document management refer to our Document Management “How-To” .pdf. Document Management PDF

How do I obtain a settlement report?2023-12-11T19:38:53+00:00

In your Openforce portal, you can run a Settlement Report to see the full breakdown of any settlement you have processed.

1. Navigate to the Reports screen.

2. Select the Start Date and End Date for the report you want to run.

3. Go to the Type header, right-click and select the Hide this Field option as this step will ensure that the pay and expenses of the Settlement Report are listed on the same line of the file you are about to create.

4. Click Load Data to ensure the report will have the criteria you have selected.

5. Click Export Report to Excel and you will have your file

How do I send a doc push?2023-12-11T19:38:53+00:00

Doc Pushes can be created and utilized to send a contractor a document that may not have been part of their original enrollment or whenever a compliance item needs to be completed again.

When a document needs to be an enrollment package that you will push to contractors, send a request to have that enrollment created over to the Openforce Client Services team.

1. When it has been confirmed that the enrollment package has been completed, you can send the package to the contractor by navigating to the Contractor’s grid.

2. Select the checkbox for the applicable IC(s).

3. Click on the Actions button and

4. select Send Enrollment Package Request .

5. Choose the appropriate Location option.

6. Enter any Notes associated with the Enrollment Package

7. Click the Accept button to send the Enrollment Package to the IC(s)

8. Confirm the Detailed Results to verify the request is sent.

You will now be able to see the Enrollment Package on the Enrollments grid and the IC will now see the Enrollment Package when they login to their Openforce portal.

How do I sign in to my account?2023-12-13T05:54:40+00:00

To increase the security of Openforce accounts and personal information, all users are required to enroll in multifactor authentication (MFA).

For more information on logging in to your account with MFA, refer to our Multifactor Authentication External Guide

How do I update a settlement location for an IC?2023-12-11T19:04:37+00:00
  • Step 1: Navigate to the Contractor’s Grid
  • Step 2: Select the checkbox for the applicable IC(s)
  • Step 3: Click the Actions button to see the actions menu
  • Step 4: select Update Settlement Location .
  • Step 5: In the Move contractor(s) to settlement location field, select the new Settlement Location.
  • Step 6: Enter any Notes associated with the settlement location change.
  • Step 7: Click the Accept button to complete thessettlement location change.


This feature changes the IC’s Settlement Location only and does not have an impact on the Enrollment Location .
If you do not see the option to move an IC please reach out to Client Services for assistance.

How does an Independent Contractor opt-out of an insurance offering?2023-12-11T19:38:55+00:00

When an IC (Independent Contractor) has their own insurance coverage and wants to opt out of the coverage provided by Openforce, follow these steps:

1. Request the insurance declaration page from the IC.

2. Once you have the declaration page, send it to

3. In the email subject, use “Insurance Opt-Out Request (IC’s Name)”.

4. In the body of the email, include a brief description of the specific coverage(s) that the IC is opting out of.

By following these steps, you’ll efficiently process an IC’s request to opt out of the provided insurance coverage.

How to help ICs with ICM?2023-12-11T23:45:59+00:00

We know ICs ask Administrators for assistance with Openforce services. Please refer to our IC FAQs.

Contractor Settlement

Getting contractors paid accurately and on time is what we do best. Explore the FAQs below to learn the essentials of Openforce’s contractor settlement process.

Can I pay an Independent Contractor today?2023-12-12T08:16:18+00:00

Requests for same day ACH are due by 9:00 am MST, funding will be necessary before the same day transaction can be released, and there is a same day transaction fee of $15.00 per transaction.

Helpful information on Same Day ACH transactions:

  • Once the funds are released by Openforce, it is up to the Independent Contractor(s)’ individual bank to post for availability
  • Independent contractors can request a trace number by calling our IC Support Line after 12pm MST
  • Phone number: 800.742.7508
Can I send a Wire to an Independent Contractor today?2023-12-12T01:34:00+00:00

Requests for same day wires need to be submitted prior to 1:00 pm MST, funding will be necessary before the same day transaction can be released, and a same day wire transaction fee of $25.00 per transaction.

The following information is needed when submitting a Same Day Wire request:

  • IC Name:
  • IC’s Business Name:
  • Name on account:
  • Name of Bank:
  • Account Number: 
  • Routing Number:
    This will be different than the ACH routing number we have on file, and the contractor will need to get this information from his/her bank

Helpful information on Same Day Wire transactions:

  • Once the funds are released by Openforce, it is up to the Independent Contractor(s)’ individual bank to post for availability
I paid an Independent Contractor incorrectly. Can we get that back?2023-12-12T01:35:07+00:00
  • Debit pulls can be requested up to 4 business days past the original deposit.
  • The full amount will need to be pulled back, partial amounts cannot be accommodated
  • Feedback from the bank on whether a debit pull was successful will take up to 10 business days (2 weeks)
  •  Debit pull fee: $5.00 per transaction
What is the deadline to submit a settlement?2023-12-11T19:38:55+00:00

Regular settlement submissions are due by 12pm MST, two days prior to the scheduled settlement date

What is the deadline to submit funding to ensure my Independent Contractors get paid on time?2023-12-11T19:38:55+00:00

Funding for processed settlements is due by 2pm MST, two days prior to the scheduled settlement date