Settlement & Deductions2023-11-05T21:53:27+00:00

Settlement & Deductions

Explore our FAQs to uncover straightforward insights on payment and deduction details, ensuring you always know where you stand with Openforce’s settlement disbursements.

How do I order a Blue Elite card?2023-10-27T08:07:55+00:00

You can order a Blue Elite card by opting for any of the below methods:

  • During enrollment
  • Under the banking information tab in your portal
  • By logging into the Openforce portal and selecting the Deposit Options tab, then click “Change Deposit Option” and “Order Blue Elite Card”.

**The current video shows how to order a card as well as update DD info**

How do I update my Settlement Method?2023-10-27T08:07:46+00:00

You can update your Settlement Method in your Openforce portal.

  1. Log into your Openforce portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, select deposit options

How do I view my Settlement report?2023-10-27T08:07:47+00:00

You can view your Settlement report in your Openforce portal.

  1. Log into your Openforce portal
  2. In the navigation menu, select My Settlements
  3. If you’d like a year-to-date report, please change the filters to your desired date range.

I lost my Blue Elite Card.2023-10-27T08:07:54+00:00

If you lost the original card and it needs to be re-ordered, please call Blue Elite at 877-601-7937

My Settlement amount is incorrect.2023-10-27T08:07:57+00:00

Openforce settles the amount that is provided by your contracting company. If there is a concern with the gross settlement amount, or if a settlement was not submitted for you, please contact your contracting company for further assistance.

My settlement is on hold, and I just updated my direct deposit information. When will I receive it?2023-10-27T08:07:56+00:00

If your direct deposit information was updated prior to 3 pm MST, then your direct deposit will be sent out the next business day. If it was updated past 3 PM MST, then it will be deposited within 48 business hours.

What is Blue Elite?2023-10-27T08:07:56+00:00

Blue Elite is a third-party company we use that offers an alternative to a direct deposit bank account. They will issue you a visa card, where your settlement funds will be deposited to. This acts similar to a bank issued debit card. Please be sure to activate your card once you receive it to ensure funds will be deposited timely.