Testimonial: How Xcel Delivery Services used flexible occupational accident insurance to expand its workforce

2021-08-09T21:41:51+00:00June 3rd, 2020|

Companies that utilize independent contractors (ICs) know the benefits usually outweigh the costs. But challenges do exist, whether you’re trying to track contracts and qualifications or preparing for the threat of a misclassification claim.

Openforce adds Crum & Forster partnership to provide flexible occupational accident coverage for independent contractors

2020-08-12T04:10:04+00:00May 18th, 2020|

Creating smarter pathways to mutually beneficial insurance coverages for independent contractors and contracting companies.

Best-Practice Insurance Needs for 1099 Contingent Workforces

2022-10-13T18:51:36+00:00October 16th, 2018|

Whether you already run an independent business, are thinking about becoming a 1099 contractor, or own a company that works with independent contractors—this will help you understand the types of insurance coverages that both companies and contractors should have in place to operate in a best-practice protected manner.

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